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Day before yesterday I was watching a programme on a news channel dedicated to Bollywood stars undergoing cosmetic surgery to improve their looks.

The issue was that is it a good thing and also if they should do it. Second part of the programme was discussing about the fact that men and women ( regular people) are going in for cosmetic procedures more now than in the past. Let me also divide the issue into two parts.

The issue reminds me of one of my earlier posts….

Cosmetic surgery a Taboo??

So taking off from there after seeing the programme I though I could pen down a few of my views on the topic….Open to comments of course!!

I personally feel that there is no need to make such a big issue about it. The first thing that we need to realize is the fact that we cannot equate them to the regular joe’s and jane’s. A cosmetic procedure for most of these people might be something that they do to further their respective careers apart from the fact that it might be something they did want to do even otherwise. This is a facts that we know when we interact with the people from the “glamour industry”.

They have to look good to stay in the business its a plain and simple fact. We could be all judgmental and talk about the cliche’s like ” Inner beauty is what matters! / If you have talent it will take you places..” and all that.. But, fact of the matter is that though you cannot judge a book by the cover a good cover definitely makes people reach out to it to at least read a little to find out whether the contents are good enough. Secondly if they were not without talent they would not survive anyway not by looks alone but good looks can definitely compliment talent.

Would any of us complain if Sachin bought a new bat to help him score better?? I don’t think we would . So why complain when bollywood stars are getting cosmetic surgery done on themselves to help their careers? Yes, it is not as simple as buying a new bat& hence that brings us to the so called ” Risk benefit ratio”.

The ” Risk Benefit Ratio”  is a factor which will help decide whether to go ahead with the proposed procedure for that particular individual. I’m sure all plastic surgeon use this in their own ways to assess the need to do any procedure or anyone.

The Risk Benefit Ratio is used to see if the benefits in doing a particular procedure on the said individual is worth the risk to make it justifiable to that individual. In the case of someone in the “glamour industry” the risk/benefit ratio balance shifts and hence the benefits make the risks worth it which is why people opt for it.

Sometimes the people from the glamour industry are better patients from regular patients. This is because once educated about it they are more open minded to accept the risk and the scars than most of the regular patients who want the best results but totally without the risks. As I always say.. its true for anything in life.. ” No Pain No Gain”.

But then , we have people like ” Micheal Jackson”. The host of the show called him the poster boy ” for Cosmetic Surgery”. I would say that he is a poster boy for “Whom not to do cosmetic Surgery On”. In normal circumstances we see about 10% of patients who come in with unreasonable demands but in the segment of people coming in from the glamour industry the percentage maybe as high as 30%. These are patients with unreasonable demands or requests and these are the patients who ultimately end up with problems.

I have people telling me that why this issue is important is because of the fact that people in general can be influencedand they might try to emulate their stars.. But with all due respect to these critics, getting cosmetic surgery done is not as easy as maybe picking up and lighting a cigarette. Its a much more serious and longer process and involves many more people. I think we as doctors too believe and practice ethical medicine where the risk benefit ratio is brought into the picture to help educate the patient and help him / her make and educated decision regarding the same.

Secondly I think by saying this the critics are not giving the general population its due credit. Am sure the public at large is much more mature and discerning.The percentage of people who would blindly follow anything that a star does is very small.

I’m not here to justify anything. Its just that there is no need to make such a big fuss about who’s bust is becoming bigger or lips are becoming fuller, as long as they are not hurting anyone else. I think we have that freedom in our country.. at least when I last checked.

So , without being hypocritical, everyone wants to look better and feel good. If you don’t believe me just open today’s paper and check out the matrimonial columns or check out the social networking sites or fashion and clothing wear and the cosmetics sales. Everyone wants to look the part so to speak.

I have restricted myself in this post to only to the issue about cosmetic surgery and glamour industry. I will talk about the regular people in my next blog to take this discussion further.

I’m sure everyone has a point of view on this and would really appreciate comments.

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