Weight loss is a challenge for anyone especially with the sedentary lifestyles & bad eating habits coupled with advancing age and a slowing metabolism. Check out our “Weight loss & Body remodeling Program”, which helps you lose weight and also inculcate healthy eating habits to help you in the long run.

Why Weight loss & Body Remodeling Prog?

More and more of us are getting into the “unhealthy” weight category owing to our lifestyle & work patterns.

As we age, our metabolism slows down and we still continue to eat as to how we used to when we were young. Add to it the sedentary lifestyles and the loads of unhealthy eating habits and we have a sure shot recipe for “Weight Gain”.

Weight gain is a direct cause of the imbalance between caloric intake (Input) vs what we burn in our day to day activities (Output). Also, the weight tends to get into the hard to remove areas of the body (the fixed deposits if one can call it that) rather than the fat that is used for day to day activities ( your savings account). These fixed deposits are not touched or mobilised unless you have a crises, which is why they are hard to  mobilise and continue to collect.

Regualr dieting sadly moves these fixed deposits the last and hence you tend to lose structural (important fat forming part of the supporting frameworks of the body as in Face, Breasts, Buttocks, etc) and you tend to look unhealthy and sick but the stubborn (Fixed) deposits stay on and this becomes frustrating.

This is where our Weight loss & Body Remodeling Prog. comes in…..

Wouldn’t it be great if we had something that:

     * Helped move only the unwanted fat ( fixed deposits)

     * Allowed us to not feel hungry during the diet

     * Allowed us to get into a healthier eating pattern

    * Provide for a cosistent & measurable weight loss??

Yes … There is…..

Our “Weight loss & Body Remodeling Prog” does just that. Based on scientific principles, it not only moves the unwanted fat (fixed deposits) it does so without interfering with your structural fat.

The advantages of this diet are:

 1. It moves only unwanted fat

 2. Since you fat is being mobilised into the blood for your caloric requirement, you do not              feel hungry

3. Gets rid of your cravings

4. Helps you eat healthier and in the long run helps you maintain a better healthier lifestyle

5. Break bad habits of eating junk and loading your body with empty calories.

Want to know more?? Get in touch with us and be a part of a growing tribe of clients getting closer to their healthier weight goals.