In common terms, PRP is basically a process of extracting “platelets”, a component of the blood which is responsible for clotting blood after an injury, concentrating it, activating it and injecting it.

These platelets release growth factors which help in repair of wounds so when they are activated by injury or in this case calcium, they release growth factors and this cocktail of growth factors is injected into different areas of the body to give rejuvenating effects.

PRP procedure takes about an hour and half and requires multiple small injections in the area. The blood is drawn and prepared and injected.

 The PRP helps rejuvenate the hair follicles. It helps increase the anagen phase of the hair.

Prepare for your PRP Hair Transplant



  1. Make an initial consultation with your Doctor.
  2. Discuss any medications you are taking with the surgeon.
  3. Discuss a procedure date and understand the process as it is a multiple sitting procedure.
  4. Book your procedure date
  5. Pay your deposit to book your date (IMPORTANT) because then we know your serious and we get booked out very fast!
  6. Get a good night’s sleep don’t be worried. You chose us to look after you!
  7. Shower and make sure you get to the center with ample time
  8. Download print and fill the consent form (link) and bring it with you.


  1. Drink alcohol at least 48 hours before
  2. Take any blood thinning medications, such as Aspirin or Advil.
  3. Be nervous you are in safe and experienced hands!


During the procedure

  1. Arrive at the clinic on time
  2. Listen to staff instructions
  3. Stay relaxed
  4. Settle into your consultation room and take before pictures for reference
  5. Practice breathing – to relax this will prepare you for your pain management
  6. The doctor will visit to do their initial assessments and marking
  7. The admin staff will go over your consent form and make payments

What happens during the procedure?

  1. Your blood will be drawn by our expert technicians and the processing of the blood will be done. This usually takes about 20 minutes.
  2. If PRP if for any other area apart from the scalp, a numbing cream will be applied for 45 minutes.
  3. The surgeon will discuss the target areas with you. She/he will explain any restrictions if there may be.
  4. To help you with the pain, numbing of the area with Ice will be done and then the injections will commence.
  5. You might feel some stinging during the injections which will pass very quickly.
  6. You will stay there for 15-20 minutes to help you recover and feel ok to leave.
  7. The surgeon will check up on you.
  8. You will be given prescription medicines if needed and instructions for your fast recovery.


  1. walk around and be active as soon as you can on the same day of the procedure
  2. drink lots of water and be hydrated
  3. take a shower day after the procedure
  4. Come in for follow ups with your surgeon


  1. be idle
  2. feel like you’ve had a big procedure and think you need ‘rest’
  3. smoke or drink alcohol the day of the procedure.

Hair Transplant Results

  1. From next day on, you can do everything normally.
  2. The results are usually slow and take 2nd or the 3rd sitting to start seeing the results.
  3. Just be patient and understand we are here with you through the process.