Cancer’s of the breast have been showing a steady increase over the past many years and the treatment many of the times when recognised late is a Mastectomy followed by Chemotherapy and radiation.

Mastectomy can be quite a shock for many and its almost like the loss of a limb and loss of a sign of femininity for a woman. 

With advent of newer techniques and early detection the need for a complete or radical mastectomy has been coming down over the years. But, even with less radical options, mastectomy can still be disfiguring and depressing.

This is where reconstructive surgery comes to the rescue to help minimise the deformity and help the woman regain her confidence.

Why Post Cancer Breast Reconstructions?

Loss of a breast or even part of it can be quite a shock for a woman personally. 

Studies have shown that reconstruction after mastectomy can play a significant role in the mental recovery of a patient following cancer surgeries.

The trend has been towards more conservative surgeries but still the deformities can be significant and be a cause for concern for the patient.

What are the different procedures which can be done for Post Cancer Breast Reconstruction?

Depending on the kind of deformity, the reconstructions also vary.

The reconstruction can be done immediately along with the cancer excision surgery too which saves the time and also saves a subsequent second procedure.

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