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It is our policy that all care is taken for the safety of the patient..

  • It is our policy that all care is taken for the safety of the patient.
  • Despite our best efforts in this direction, it is sometimes possible that there are some risks and that some complications arise, we seek to be indemnified from these, which are not completely under our control.
  • All patients are required to completely adhere to the following for best results.
  • Patients have to follow all pre and post operative instructions as explained during the consultation..
  • Abstinence from smoking before and after the surgery.
  • As the healing process is unique to each individual, though the surgeon will do his best to give you the best result, no guarantee or warranty can be given. In such cases sometimes a “touch up” or adjustment procedure is needed. If this should occur, the surgeon will not charge for the revision but the other charges like the anesthetist’s charge, hospital charges, implants and any other expenses are the patient’s responsibility.
  • All patients are required to understand the procedures in detail and read about the same and sign a consent to undergo the procedure.
  • All patients preferably require an accompanying person during the procedure requiring anaesthesia or at least contact details of another major.Minors will not be operated upon unless accompanied by the parents or a legal guardian.


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