Lipo contouring or  LipoSculpting is a procedure where the surgeon as an artist sculpts the body to give it the proper curves and highlights. It is a combination of liposuction and lipofilling (Fat Grafting).

LipoSculpting is a procedure where an eye for detail and the artistic capabilities of the surgeon come into play. The procedure involves a lot of planning and thought apart from the execution. It involves sucking out fat from certain areas and filling up certain areas to give the body the proper curves.

This can be done in the case of the face or body to achieve pleasing results. In the face the fat is sucked from the cheeks and under the chin and transferred to areas under the eye and in the area of the cheek bones and the forehead to give it a more youthful look.

In the body it usually involves suction around the abdomen and the hips with filling of the pelvic highlights and the buttocks. Fat from the saddle bags might be removed and added to the upper part of the buttocks.

The lower back maybe sucked and then the fat grafted into the buttocks to give better curves in the proper areas.

Body etching is another form of lipocontouring. This gives us the 6 packs abdomen.  But to maintain the results regular exercises are required. Also it must be emphasized that it might not be possible in a single procedure when there is a lot of fat. Etching in such cases is done in the second sitting.

LipoSculpting Problems:

Are the same as in Liposuction or Fat Grafting.

LipoSculpting Results

The main issue related with LipoSculpting Surgery is to visualize the desired result and aim towards that. Sometimes repeat procedures may be required as in Fat Grafting to reach the desired shape.

Prepare for your Liposculpting


  1. Make an initial consultation with your Surgeon. Discuss why you want the procedure done, Openly! We want to know why!
  2. Discuss any medications your taking with the surgeon.
  3. Discuss a procedure date and plan for work and holidays. Remember you need re- shaping time of two –three months.

Book your procedure date

  1. Pay your deposit to book your date (IMPORTANT) because then we know your serious and we get booked out very fast!
  2. Have your blood tests done and sent to your clinic for the surgeon to check over
  3. The night before you will most probably be fasting so relax and follow your surgeons


    1. Drink plenty of water and keep hydrated before your fasting period
    2. Get a good night’s sleep don’t be worried. You chose us to look after you!
    3. Shower and make sure you get to the center with ample time so the surgeon can prepare you for your marking and procedure.
    4. Download print and fill the consent form (link) and bring it with you.


  1. Drink alcohol or caffeine at least 48 hours before
  2. Take any blood thinning medications, such as Aspirin or Advil.
  3. Be nervous you are in safe and experienced hands!


  1. Arrive at the clinic on time
  2. Listen to staff instructions
  3. Stay relaxed
  4. Settle into your day care room and take before pictures for reference
  5. Practice breathing – to relax this will prepare you for your pain management
  6. The surgeons team will visit to do their initial assessments and marking
  7. The admin staff will go over your consent form and make payments What happens during the procedure
  8. You will be taken into a clean and sterile OT environment with sterilized instruments.
  9. The surgeon will discuss the target areas with you before taking you into the day care center.
  10. He/She will explain any restrictions if there may be.
  11. Areas for fat removal will be marked with a surgical marker pen.
  12. The surgeon and his team will check your detail whilst in the OT before the procedure.
  13. The pain management team will provide you with pain relief according to the treatment plan and the procedure will start.
  14. Your procedure will take place and finish withi the allotted time.
  15. You will be able to see your extracted fat and measure the amount collected
  16. You will be moved back to recovery and you will stay till you have eaten something and your settled.
  17. The team will look after you till you are ready to leave in the evening
  18. The surgeon will check up on you.
  19. You will be given prescription medicines and instructions for your fast recovery.



  1. walk around and be active as soon as you can on the same day of the procedure
  2. drink lots of water and be hydrated
  3. take a shower after 3 days of the procedure
  4. WEAR your “Faja” for up to 12 weeks this is imperative for swelling to go down and help
  5. with the reshaping of your body
  6. Come in for follow ups with your surgeon


  1. be idle
  2. feel like you’ve had a big procedure and think you need ‘rest’
  3. not wear your ‘faja’
  4. drive or operate heavy machinery within 2 days of your procedure
  5. smoke or drink alcohol

What happens next…

  1. Although liposculpting is a lifestyle procedure it is still a surgical procedure so along with rest and rehydration its imperative that you allow your body to heal in its own time
  2. You will see results straight away but not in kilos. In lieu of the fat removed fluid fills in its space to heal so you need to wear your ‘faja’ to move the fluid out and excrete it in your urine.
  3. Full results are seen after 8-12 weeks but the surgery is only the beginning you need to look after it just like anything else.
  4. Follow all after care procedures, you will be taught massages and how to wear your ‘faja’/ Pressure garment
  5. After your complete healing period. We look forward to seeing you at your last check up, More body confident and happy! (We are happy to do a photoshoot for you to show off your new curves)