Cosmetic lip augmentation consists of the enlargement and reshaping of otherwise normal lips to improve their appearance and to make them look better or in balance with the rest of the face using artificial products called “Fillers

Women have applied cosmetics to their lips to define or alter their appearance since early times.

Attractive and balanced lips give a boost to the overall look of the face. Thin lips appear to make the face look mean and hence people opt to have their lips filled up or plumped up.

Most often it is the upper lip that is augmented but the lower lip also can be augmented.

The ideal ratio (Golden Ratio) for the lips is Upper Lip: Lower Lip having a ratio of 1:1.61

Why Lip Fillers?

Very often the upper and lower lips are not in balance and do not follow the “golden ratio”.

A thin upper lip gives the face a “mean” look and sometimes its only the outer lips or the central lip which might be out of balance. Robust, pouty lips are considered to be sexually attractive by both males and females.

Attractiveness has a strong influence on that person’s everyday life. Beautiful people are considered friendlier, more intelligent, more interesting & more socially competent.

What is a Beautiful Lip?

“Slightly tilted upward corners of the lips, a prominent cupid’s bow, well-defined vermilion border which is aligned, well-formed philtral columns, smooth texture, as well as, a symmetrical upper and lower lip, with the lower lip being slightly fuller, and the upper lip slightly in front of or equal to the lower lip”

So in the quest for the ideal lip, we are approached by patients to enhance their lips to help make them more “in balance” with the face or make them more sensuous and appealing.

Lip enlargement can be done using:

1. Filler – Hyaluronic Acid Fillers (Juvederm, Resylane, Belotero, etc) – Temporary

2. Fat – Microfat Grafting – Medium-term longevity

3. Dermafat Grafting – Permanent


Most often the fillers used are “Hyaluronic Acid fillers”. This is a naturally occurring substance which forms the intercellular matrix. But the fillers are made of the product artificially grown in labs.

Since it is a naturally occurring material, and the chemical composition is the same across species, it is one of the safest materials to be used, doesn’t require any tests before use, and is naturally broken down in the body. Hence it is temporary

These are injected into the lips under local anesthesia. The areas which can be enhanced are:

1. Lip Volume

2. Vermillion definition

3. Cupids Bow creation

4. Philtral Column definition

5. Outer angles of the lips

Depending on the skill of the Injector the lips can be turned outwards too to give “pouty lips” which some women ask for. But a Natural looking enhancement gives a very good result.

Fillers give a very refined result when done properly and with minimal downtime.

Looking to get your lips done?? Get in touch with us to know more.


Microfat grafting is another option to increase the size of the lips.

Fat is harvested from the tummy or the insides of the knees, filtered and injected into the lips to provide good volume and contour. Finer refinements as in the vermillion border cannot be done with microfat grafting, but lip volume can be enhanced.

Vermillion refinement is done by something called “Nanofat” grafting.

The advantage of fat is that it is natural and in abundant supply and lasts longer but the flip side of it is that the downtime as in swelling is longer and secondly all the fat may not survive.

DermaFat Grafting:

Dermafat is basically a layer of skin with epidermis removed and some subcutaneous fat.

This is usually harvested from a hidden area, for the lips the most common is the groin crease. This gives a hidden scar which heals very well. The epidermis is removed and the dermafat graft is inserted into the lip via small incisions to augment the lip.

Downtime is high even in this procedure and an added scar in the groin crease but is kind of a permanent augmentation.

Prepare for your Lip Fillers



  1. Talk to your doc and address your issues
  2. Understand the procedure and the limitations
  3. Be clear about the kind of look you want


  • Have unrealistic expectations

Drink before the procedure

  • Have an event of photoshoot within the next week 


  1. Come on time
  2. Avoid alcohol 48 prior to the procedure
  3. Do Not wear any lipstick or makeup
  4. Read and sign the consent form
  5. Wash and clean your face
  6. Numbing cream or numbing injection will be administered


  1. DO NOT massage the lips too much 
  2. DO NOT have an event or shoot in the next week
  3. DO NOT drink anything too hot or too cold for the next few days.
  4. Keep your head up
  5. Apply Ice packs to the lips
  6. Moisturise the lips
  7. Inform us if any issues or discolouration 


Q: Will it hurt?

A: We usually apply numbing cream or administer a numbing injection prior to the procedure, so you should ideally not feel any pain.

Q: Will I be swollen?

A: Mild swelling is expected in the next 24 hours or so. Ice packs will help bring down the swelling.

Q: Are they permanent?

A: At AestheticsPlus we DO NOT use permanent fillers for the lips and also wouldn’t advise them.

Q: Do I have to come in for a “touch up”?

A: Yes, we will see you after a week or 10 days to assess the outcome and do some touch up’s if necessary.

Q: How long do the fillers last?

A: Typically hyaluronic acid fillers for the lip last between 4- 6 months after which they need to be repeated.

Q: What if I have “Lumps”?

A: Rarely, the fillers can be close to the surface and show up as lumps, which will usually settle down by the time you come back. In rare instances that they don’t, you will given a tiny dose of a “dissolving” injection to reduce the lump.