Hypospadias is a birth defect affecting males, where in the child passes urine from the under surface of his penis, instead of the tip. The position may vary from just close to the normal in minor cases to the opening being present way back near the scrotum.

Usually noticed in the initial few days after birth, it is distressing to the parents.

This is a correctable condition and correction done properly by trained people gives decent results in the long run.

Hypospadias procedure involves making a new skin lined tube to replace the defect, to help the patient pass urine from the tip. If done properly with attention to detail, by a well-trained plastic surgeon, the results are very good.

When is Hypospadias surgery done?

Hypospadias procedure is usually done between 1.5- 3 yrs. of age, just before the child goes to school.

Hypospadias risk factors

If done properly, at the first sitting, the results are good without too many long term effects. Sometimes they might develop Hypospadias fistula, which are small residual leaks on the under surface of the penis which can be corrected after healing is complete.

The problems arise when the initial surgery is not done properly as subsequent attempts are more and more difficult to treat and cause more scarring which causes more problems. Hence proper evaluation and proper attention to detail during the first attempt is essential.