I HATE my cones…!!! I was surprised when I heard that from a patient of mine. “Cones?? I asked…”


“Yeah…. these…” she answered, pointing out to the sides of her hip. Well that was the first time I heard someone refer to them by that name.

The area she was talking about is an area which has had different names,the most common unflattering ones being “saddlebags” and “riding breeches”.


This refers to the hips, upper outer thighs and buttocks that are disproportionately large relative to the rest of the body.

woman’s hips are an overt sign of her fertility and sexuality. Ask your friends, and they’ll probably agree that the hips should be part of that classic hourglass figure that women constantly seek. However, there’s a big kink in that goal. Most women are genetically programmed to store fat in their hips and outer thighs… the “pear shape” as compared to the “apple shape “ of a man.

As men and women pursue more idealized body proportions, they usually find that they cannot rid themselves of their saddlebags with diet and exercise alone. The reason for this is that the shape and size of our hips is largely determined by our genetic makeup. There’s nothing to be ashamed of. The fat in the hips and thighs are highly resistant to diet and exercise. Even women with small frames can have a large lower body that is simply too full to be proportionate. In other words, fat deposits on the sides of the legs tend to be the last fat to go.

Many patients do ask me why they have it, in spite of having a good exercise regime. Various reasons apart from genetics. Its the area where you first put on fat and the area where you loose it last. Secondly its situated above an area which has a tendon rather than active muscle, which makes it all the more difficult to get rid of by exercise alone.

Many women are experience frustration when large thighsand/or saddlebags force you to buy clothing with different sized tops and bottoms and many of them try to squeeze into their clothes and have the saddle bags sticking out more prominently rather than going in.


unfortunate situation, it’s not beyond fixing.

hat are the options one may ask?

  1. Exercise: Lie on your side, head waist and legs in straight line, suck your tummy in and raise your leg straight up from the hips without bending your knees. Repeat this for 10 times and repeat the cycle 3-5 times according to your comfort level. Breathe out while raising the leg and breathe in while lowering it. Repeat on the opposite side too.
  2. Injection Lipolysis: This is a good area to be treated with Injection Lipolysis if that is the only problem. Multiple small injections of the lipolytic solution are injected in the area. The dissolved fat has to be absorbed by the body and eliminated. The injections are repeated every 3-4 weeks for about 4-5 times.
  3. Liposuction: Offers a one time and immediate solution to the problem. The procedure involves inserting a small canula though a 0.7-1cm incision and suck out the fat and contour the area in proportion to the hips. Post operatively a pressure garment is necessary for the next few weeks to help the skin mold to the new shape of the hips.
  4. Lipo Contouring: Sometimes it may be required to inject fat into the in between segment between the two bulges to give it a more proper contour which is call “ Lipo Contouring”. Post operatively a pressure garment is necessary for the next few weeks to help the skin mold to the new shape of the hips.

It is therefore no surprise that saddlebag liposuction is the most requested type of liposuction. Since the area is mainly meant for fat storage, a liposuction operation to remove your saddlebags can completely alter your waistline. You could have a smooth hourglass figure without those bulges if you combine a hip and outer thigh liposuction together. That’s because the fat in your hips and thighs doesn’t grow back. Once you’ve got the right curves, your new body shape will not revert.

Saddle Bags 6 Saddle Bags 5

liposuction, you’ll be able to fit into jeans, dresses, and skirts in a way you’ve never imagine before. Your entire body will feel more complete and you’ll have a big boost in confidence.

So ladies, do not fret, its not a major problem. It can be treated. But, if you opt for surgery then make sure you go to the proper trained surgeons and not to untrained people claiming different things.

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