Replacement of volume to the breast can be done either by using a Silicone implant or by the use of one’s own fat also know as “Autologous Fat Transfer to the breast”.


Some other terms are often thrown into the mix like Stem Cell Grafting, AFT, Stem Cell Augmentation, Scarless Breast Augmentation and so on.

The procedure involves taking fat from other areas of the body, most commonly from the tummy or hips and transferred to the breast via injections. The fat cells are placed in tiny pockets all around the breast in multiple levels and layers. The fat initially acts as a volumiser but as the blood supply gets established the fat will survive and stay. This takes about 10-12 weeks.

AFT to breast involves overcorrecting it, as some of the fat gets absorbed over the next few weeks till the blood supply gets established. With improved techniques, the survival rates of fat in the breast have also improved and once the blood supply established, it helps improve the skin texture too.

Advantages of Fat Transfer to Breasts :
  1. Own Tissues
  2. Minimal scarring ( 1cm scars) – Scarless Breast Augmentation
  3. An added benefit is liposuction of the tummy or hips
  4. Soft and natural feel
  5. Shorter healing time?
Disadvantages of Fat Transfer to Breasts:
  1. Cannot enlarge the breasts too much in one sitting. Sometimes 2nd or 3rd sitting might be required.
  2. One needs to have enough fat to harvest.
  3. If done in unmarried women, once they breastfeed the fat might disappear
  4. Rarely, if not done properly, the fat can die and get calcified forming painful nodules
Problems of Fat Grafting & Mammography

Some older studies had suggested that since fat cells may get calcified my interfere with radiological imaging for cancer.

But now there is plenty of data to suggest that in the rare instance it happens the radiological signatures are very different and lead to no confusion over interpretation.

If you need more information on the same or have any doubts, feel free to get in touch with us so we can clear them for you.