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This is in continuum with my previous blog regarding the program related to Cosmetic surgery. Now, in this blog, let us address the issue of cosmetic surgery as related to the “regular Joe or regular Jane” if I may.

With my first hand interaction with the people opting for cosmetic surgery , operating on them and then following them up, I would really like to put to rest a few common notions that are doing the rounds and which were also highlighted in the program.

  1. Not on impulse:Contrary to what one may believe, none of my patients to date has come to me asking for a procedure just as a dare or that they just woke up one morning and said..” Hmm what can I do different today.. OK!!! let me get a nose job!!” Most if not all of them have had it in the back of their mind to do something about it and they would have thought about it many many times even before picking up the phone to call for an appointment. This is true even for the west but more so in our country.
  2. For others:It’s usually said that one was forced to get something done by the husband, wife , mother in law, friend, so on and so forth. From what I have seen the actual percentage of people actually forced is minuscule. Most of such instances are only the final call that brought them to my office which could be the husband or the wife. On inquiring more, its seen that it was something they themselves had been thinking about for quite a while. And as a rule I DO NOT operate on a patient who comes seeking a correction for someone else.
  3. Only for Narcissistic People:I sincerely feel that everyone first has to love themselves before they can love others. If one feels good about oneself then the whole outlook to life changes. There is nothing wrong in trying to look good. One might argue that its whats inside that counts… Never judge a book by its cover..!!! But talking honestly, who has the time nowadays to really see inside? .Read this carefully… I’m not saying what’s inside doesn’t count… what I am saying is that, in today’s fast paced life no one has the time to really see inside. It’s like choosing amongst the so many books lying on the book shelf. How does one pick up a book to read what is inside??? Yes… it’s by looking at the cover. Once the cover has caught your attention then it’s easier to find out what’s inside. Of course, if the content is worthless then anyway doesn’t matter cover or no cover. Similarly beauty plays an equally important part in our daily lives to bring people closer to one to get to know the qualities one possesses.
  4. Only for women:A totally wrong statement. Nowadays we have more men coming in for cosmetic procedures than ever before. Previously we used operate on 1 male for every 10 females. Nowadays we operate on 5-6 men for every 5 women. In many cases the wives come with their husbands. Yes the “ Metro sexual Male “ has arrived.

So , it would be very wrong to judge anyone without knowing their reasons for doing anything. And it cannot be an easy decision to take, be it for a female or a male. Unlike the west where mostly the decision to do a certain procedure is only limited to him or his immediate spouse here the whole family and relatives have a say. People who have had surgery done and have reduced wouldn’t want anyone to know that it was because of the surgery. They would rather talk about how they starved themselves and put themselves through a fitness regimen in spite of their busy busy schedules. That shows that the acceptance levels are still low. But anyway after a few days everything is forgotten and people move onto the next best thing to criticize.

It’s sad that we criticize any effort anyone makes to look good, but at the same time if you look at the matrimonial columns and the glitzy advertisements, one can see the hypocrisy existing in our society.

But, the heartening fact is that( notwithstanding the so called “moral brigade”) at least in the general population there is more tolerance to the way people are reacting to what others do. Isn’t it what democracy is all about? Accepting people for what they are and allowing them to do what they feel right without injuring or hurting others. But, then again its digressing from the topic of this blog.

So to put it in perspective, whether one likes it or not, this is a branch of medicine that is here to stay and grow. And medically speaking it has improved how we treat reconstructions. Reconstructive surgery down the ages was always more concentrated on function rather than aesthetics. But now the trend is changing to make reconstruction aesthetic along with being functional too, which is a welcome change be it in a child with a cleft lip or a man with a crushed hand.

Controversy regarding whether it is good or bad will be on for a long time to come. As a person involved in providing the service I would put in as a procedure which gives best results for those in whom it is indicated and for people with realistic expectations with good awareness of the pro’s / con’s and options.

As long as the complications do not outweigh the risks involved I wouldn’t mind doing them, which again brings us to the “ RISK BENEFIT RATIO” which is not as skewed in favor of a procedure in celebrities as compared to a common man. So awareness is the key, knowing all your options is the key and of course knowing whom to go to for the said procedures.

So for anyone out there contemplating a procedure, go meet someone qualified to do your procedure, do your due diligence in finding out all you can about the procedure.

Once you have done that, do your own Risk Benefit Ratio analysis. It will help you take an educated decision about your procedure. And trust your doctor and share all your doubts with him/her and make that educated decision.

And remember it “HAS” to be “YOUR” decision ,,, not your husband’s/ wife’s/ relative’s / friend’s or doctor’s decision.

‘m sure everyone has a point of view on this and would really appreciate comments.

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