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Whom to Meet ??? What to do next???

I think these are the most common questions that pop up in any one’s mind when he or she is contemplating a bodily change. Day in and day out we are bombarded with ads promising the earth, the sky and everything in between. Marketing is meant to sell a product and...

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I Hate my Nose..!!!!!!!!

“I don’t like my nose!!!!” How many times have we heard that statement by people around us? “My nose is too big / small!!” “Because of my nose deformity I feel that I’m not able to perform well at work…!!!” “People make fun of me, because of my nose!!!” These are a...

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Bollywood Nip Tuck & Risk/Benefit Ratio

Hi all… Sorry for the long break…! Day before yesterday I was watching a programme on a news channel dedicated to Bollywood stars undergoing cosmetic surgery to improve their looks. The issue was that is it a good thing and also if they should do it. Second part of...

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Risk Benefit Ratio & Us ( The regular people)

Hi all… Welcome back to my blog. This is in continuum with my previous blog regarding the program related to Cosmetic surgery. Now, in this blog, let us address the issue of cosmetic surgery as related to the “regular Joe or regular Jane” if I may. With my first hand...

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“Saddle bags” … not the kind of bags women want!!!!

I HATE my cones…!!! I was surprised when I heard that from a patient of mine. “Cones?? I asked…” “Yeah…. these…” she answered, pointing out to the sides of her hip. Well that was the first time I heard someone refer to them by that name. The area she was talking about...

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Cosmetic Gynaecology …. A new concept ?

Hi all….. Today, I’m gonna be talking about a relatively new topic ( at least in the general public’s mind) especially in the Indian scenario. I have been getting many queries and emails regarding this, but the common factor in all those being the fact that very...

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Mom Makeover..!!! I

“A Mummy Makeover!” Sounds trendy doesn’t it??? Well not really, it’s new packaging of the procedures already being done, as we shall discover in the process of this blog and the next. Why the mom makeover at all? The woman being the one to create life, goes through...

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Understanding – the Battle of the “BULGE”

Hi everyone… back after a long break. I have often been asked that the blog dealing with the issues it does, has not yet touched upon an issue that every one of us tries to cope with at some point in our lives. You may ask what issue that is……. It is the issue...

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