In some cases, because of hormonal issues or genetically, men tend to have insuffcient hair in the beard or moustache area.

Sometimes because of injuries and subsequent scarring, these areas along with the eyebrow might have alopecia or loss of hair.

This can be corrected by doing hair transplant to recreate these areas


Why Beard, Moustache or Eyebrow Hair Transplant?

Trauma with subsequent scarring is one of the leading causes for hair loss in the moustache or eyebrows.

Burn injuries to the face can cause hair loss in the brows especially in females this looks very odd and needs to be reconstructed.

In some men, because of various issues and genetics, the hair growth in the beard and moustache area is not very good or thick and are unable to grow a proper beard.

All these issues can be corrected by doing a FUE hair transplant.

Hair is usually harvested from the head depending on where it needs to be implanted. Sometimes body hair can also be used.

The hair takes about a week to settle in and then the transplanted hair shoot falls off in the next month or so. New hair growns from the roots and this whole process can take about 6-8 months depending on the site.

Post burn areas are the most difficult to reocntruct because of the extensive scarring and the the poor circulation in the recepient bed where the grafts are put. 

But, results are satisfying and most patients are very happy with the overall results.

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