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Welcome to Aesthetics Plus Clinics.

Aesthetics Plus is Bangalore’s Premier Cosmetic and Plastic surgery clinic since 2003.

Voted one of the best clinics for Cosmetic surgery and Dermatology.

We received the Healthcare Leadership Award for 2019.

AestheticsPlus prides itself on delivering consistent results at reasonable prices.

Over the last 16 years, we have strived to set new standards in Cosmetic Surgery in India and also help clients to make informed decisions about the procedures they choose to undertake.

It has always been our endeavor to make cosmetic surgery accessible and affordable to everyone.

Our aim is to provide everyone with quality cosmetic procedures performed by a board-certified surgeon at an affordable price to the average person.

Cosmetic surgery used to be associated with the affluent however over the years it is being used by everyday people not just to gain confidence but to fix something they might have been born with or to help them regain their quality of life.

Some examples of this are:

         * Calf implants for polio-affected legs, assisting in making the polio-affected leg look similar to the normal one

         * Breast reduction, assisting in the reduction of back, neck and shoulder pain

         * Breast implants, assist in body confidence for young women and ladies

         * Liposuction assists with the regulation of hormones in the body especially for women with PCOS

As you can see, it can be often misunderstood as to why one might undergo a cosmetic procedure however when choosing to have a procedure done, we ensure the highest quality of care and safety.

We provide the latest technology for our services that is cost-effective. This ensures that for whatever reasons you are having the procedure done, it is the right one and it is safe for you as well.

Our aim is to provide everyone with quality cosmetic procedures performed by a board-certified surgeon at affordable prices but without compromise.

We work by the 3C’s at Aesthetics Plus Clinics:

COMMITMENT: We are committed to providing you with the highest level of safety and quality service & we are committed to your post-op results

COMMUNICATION: We explain the process in detail and answer all your questions. We discuss all finances with you upfront so there are no hidden costs. We work with you to find the best possible solution within your budget.

CONFIDENCE: We ensure you are confident about your procedure and help you achieve the expected results.


Dr. Surindher D.S.A

Director, Chief Plastic Cosmetic & Reconstructive Surgeon, Chief Mentor – AAA Courses
994 578 00 75

Aesthetics Plus is headed by Dr. Surindher D.S.A, the Principal Plastic Cosmetic & Reconstructive surgeon and his highly qualified team of specialists in their respective fields.

Aesthetics Plus was started by Dr.Surindher as AestheticsPlus in 2003 to provide quality affordable cosmetic procedures in India.

Because of producing consistent high quality results & our personalised approach, we built up a base of clients from India and all over the world.

Over the years he has been innovating and improving on the procedures being done and is also training junior colleagues in the “Art of Plastic Surgery”.

He has also been at the forefront of adopting the latest techniques and products to give the best for his clients.

All procedures are performed in house at our specialized daycare centers.

Please feel free to get in touch with us for any queries you might have.


Aesthetics Plus is Bangalore’s premier cosmetic and plastic surgery clinic since 2003.

Voted one of the best clinics for cosmetic surgery and dermatology.

Aesthetics Plus prides itself on delivering results at reasonable prices. We have consistent results because of the processes and protocols we follow.

  • Spend some time on our website, look through the information for the procedure you think you require.
    Make an inquiry online or send us a message on 9945780075.
    We will most likely ask for pictures so that we can give you a rough estimate.
  • We will confirm your appointment by text message.
    Come in on the day of your appointment with an open mind and any questions you have.
    It is a good idea to bring in any pictures of expectations you have so that it can be used as a reference and Dr. Surindher will be able to assess your needs more accurately.
  • If you are happy with your consultation and would like to go ahead with the procedure. Discuss financial and procedures dates with the patient coordinator.
    The patient coordinator will take you through the details of your procedure and pre and post op care.
  • Finalise date, pay deposit, do blood tests.
  • Once you have received the all-clear, the procedure will take place in the Aesthetics Plus Day Centre, you will go home the same day(most of the times unless we see a need for observation.
  • Come in for your followup appointment after a week and then after a month and then 3 months


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